Magic is Everywhere

“But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

― Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Step into my magical world…

Lex & Winnie’s Wizarding World Video
video: @lexingtonandwinberry
music: Prologue by John Williams

It’s the first day of class at Hogwarts and I’m so excited that they accepted me–a transfer from the Beauxbatons School of Magic!  As I skip through the halls on my way to class I’m practically beaming. One of my professors sees my prance and tells me my smile could light up a room, no Lumos Maxima required.  I’m anxious to learn all sorts of spells and meet all sorts of new friends…oh and look! Here’s a friend now. “Hi Friend!” I yell, “What’s your name?”. “Lexington Potter” the shy-looking boy replies.  He was having trouble making eye contact with me…maybe it’s the goofy glasses?

Lexington Potter
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry

BOOM.  A loud sound is heard across the courtyard.

“What was that?!” yells Lexington.  I pop my head through the window and look out the courtyard….and oh my goodness!  It’s a DADmentor!! We must stop him!

Lex and I race into the courtyard and take out our wands to do battle.  I may not know many spells, but Lexington seems to know what he’s doing.   “Stupify!” yells Lexy as he casts a spell on the enemy. But it has no effect on DADmentor…apparently he’s already reached max stupidity.  And now he’s got his eyes set on the shy little wizard.

Think Winnie, think.  I know! I’ll need to distract the DADmentor so Lex can attack from behind.  But oh man…how do I distract something so big and scary?!? I guess with the only power I have….the power of prance!

Winberry aka Fleur Delacour
photo: @lexingtonandwinberry
witch hat: @hatsbyremi

I start to wiggle and shake, and prance my little heart out.  Oh and it looks like it’s working! The DADmentor is completely distracted by me, and dare I say…in love?!?  He reaches his arms out to give me a hug that will surely suck me of my soul, and right as he’s about to scoop me up Lexington screams for a spell I’ve never heard of before “New-Daddian-and-Mimosas!”  

Suddenly a huge ball of smoke covers the DADmentor as things get quiet in the courtyard.  Lex and I look out and as the dust and smoke settles we see something in the chaos. What is it?

“Hi guys, I’m your Dad”.  Lex and I look at each other confused.  “And I have Mimosas”. Well, I guess I could use a drink.  But, more importantly, I could use some love from Dad, specifically lots of tushie scratches. As he scratches my plump rump, It’s all coming back to me now….an evil wizard cast a spell on all of Hogwarts that made me forget Lex is my brother, and it turned my Dad into an evil Dadmentor.  Where this evil wizard went, nobody knows. But you see, the thing about magic is that it shines a light through the darkness to reveal that love can conquer all…so we’re ready for any evil that comes our way. And may all of you find the magic in your life, especially today. Happy Halloween!!!!

–Winberry aka Fleur Delacour

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